Our Price Sheet and Pricing System

Our Price Sheet and Pricing System | Extreme Screen Prints

Our contract screen printing price sheet system is designed to be as easy to use as possible for contract screen printing. It is important to note that our price sheet does not include the cost of garments as this can vary. The T2 price sheet is applicable to custom work, however we can supply garments for you if needed, but the T1 price sheet is strictly for contract screen printing. The prices on this sheet are for the print costs only, and will be added to to the cost of the garment if you need us to supply garments for you.

Simply look for the column that describes the color count for your first print location (3 color front = column "3C") then find the row that is under your quantity of garments (if you need 400 garments = row "200"). Where those intersect, will be your print cost for that location. Add this number to the print cost for your additional print locations to estimate the total on your own, or submit a quote request. 

The pricing for finishings is only an application fee as well, it does not include the cost for the actual materials. 

You should use the price sheet you have to fill out your POs if you are a first time or returning customer with no existing PO.

We have separate price sheets to reward returning customers, or large contract partners with better pricing. If you have any questions please let us know!

See a closer look at our contract screen printing T1 price sheet here.

Our get a contract screen printing or custom screen printing quote here.