Torey Whitten

Wolverine Strong

Torey Whitten | #TeamTW333

You likely know of our dear Whitten family and their battle with cancer. Torey was diagnosed over 8 years ago with Appendiceal cancer, which had spread before he could recognize the symptoms. His prognosis was 6 months. He was forced to retire from being a police officer after 22 years of dedicated public service.

He has fought so hard through constant appointments, surgeries, treatments, medication, medical trials, you name it. The things he has been through are nothing short of tortuous and I truly have no idea how he has done it.

The Whitten family needs our supp...ort now more than ever. Torey has had one lung for several years and is battling oxygen levels, blood clots, weight loss, extreme nausea, fatigue, weakness, and dehydration.

Torey fights like a Wolverine, and even for those non-fans, you know Wolverines fight hard! Please show your support for Torey and his family!

Portions of every piece of Torey swag will go directly to the Whitten family to help with medical bills, etc. (tw333=Torey Whitten and his badge number of 333).


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