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Mockups & Purchase Orders | Extreme Screen Prints
Our purchase order (below) has been designed to lay out as much information as possible right off the bat to minimize miscommunication between us and our customers. Please try your best to fill this form out accurately to prevent any errors, however we look over all POs extremely carefully when submitted, and all this information will go through a second confirmation in the form of our mockup seen below the PO example. Many elements on this form will auto calculate for you so there is no need to break out the calculator! You can download the latest version of our PO form here.
LOC = Location CC = Color CountExtreme Screen Prints Purchase Order Contract Screen PrintingWhen you have submitted your PO, you will receive the mockup below in an email with a mock image of your design for approval. Please look over this form carefully as this is the form we use to communicate to our press operators. It becomes the primary reference for your order as it makes its way through production, so it is very important that it is accurate. Please let us know if you have any questions!Extreme Screen Prints Mockup Contract Screen Printing